5 Essential Items to Buy for New Born

Ladies, there are plenty of articles written on items to buy before your baby is born, but like I found out to my dismay… there is nothing specifically written for Indian mothers! So, here I am jotting down the list of essential items that you will need before your baby is born and all of them I have tried and tested on my 2 munchkins.

1. Sleepsuits and clothing:
First and foremost is the clothes that your baby will require after birth. I found sleepsuits to be the most comfortable and purchased lots of sleepsuits from Mothercare, Marks and Spencer and Mom & me before the birth of my babies. Other clothing includes:
Warm clothing (depending on the weather in your region)
Baby Towels
Burp Cloths

2. Diapers and Nappies:
Needless to say, your baby will poop a lot. So, to keep everyone’s sanity alive, we bought lots of diapers. Pampers New Born Diapers were one of the best. Cloth diapers, Bum Genius are some of the other options which work out best too.


3. Bather:
It is difficult to bathe a baby especially if you do not have a help around. I bought a baby bather from FirstCry.com and used it for around till my LO turned 8 months. So, this is a great investment.

baby bather.jpg

4. Quick dry, lots of baby sheets and swaddle blankets:
Quick Dry is a mattress protector and is quite good when your baby is in cloth diapers. No more dirty stinky mattresses!
Baby Sheets… swaddle, cover or carry when stepping out too… comes handy when you want to breastfeed your baby. I really liked the Swaddle blankets so did my babies, these keep them warm, cozy and comfortable.

baby essentials collage.jpg

5. Toiletries:
Bath soap/liquid, Massage Oil, Lotion, comb, nail clippers, diaper rash cream (Rashfree from Pfizer is really good), cotton, and wipes. I mostly used Himalaya and Chicco products as my daughter was allergic to mineral oil in the Johnsons’ products which we found out the hard way. If your baby develops rashes, discontinue the product and consult your paediatrician. Make a small medical kit too – Digital or Temporal thermometer, paediatric paracetamol like Crocin, Colic Aid or Gripe Water, cotton balls.


Hope this list is exhaustive enough to help the new mommies. Feel free to add in your experience, comments and things that you found helpful.

Happy Parenting! 🙂


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